ARC Training Centre in Alloy Innovation for Mining Efficiency

The centre aims to make Australian manufacturers dominant in the multi-billion dollar mining equipment sector by training innovators to design the world’s best highly customised long-life, wear resistant components.

Our research involves rapid development of customised alloys that excel in severe mining conditions, using 3D printing, novel characterisation and through our networked training environment. These innovations will enable much needed efficiencies in the industry.

Anticipated outcomes are the design of products with superior alloy design and material selection; jobs growth and security in the mining component production sector; and increased mining efficiency and cost reduction.

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Latest News

mineAlloy researchers present at CAMS2022 (Melbourne)

mineAlloy researchers presented their latest results at the CAMS2022 conference in Melbourne. CAMS is Australia’s largest interdisciplinary technical meeting and focused on the latest advances in materials science, engineering and technology. The presentation were given by Charline Le Nue with the...

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Macro-scale composites for maximum wear resistance under abrasion

mineAlloy researchers (Daniel Grasser, Santiago Corujeira Gallo, Michael Pereira, Matthew Barnett) at Deakin University’s Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) published an article in Wear (494-495, April 2022). The full article is available by clicking on the image above and at

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Developing materials with exceptional abrasion resistance

NiHard-4 and high-Cr-Mo white cast irons are extensively used in mining and mineral processing applications. The microstructure and mechanical properties of these abrasion resistant materials are highly sensitive to the chemical composition and heat treatment conditions. A mineAlloy team led by rese...

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