New postdoctoral fellow to work on alloy design

Jerome Cornu recently joined the mineAlloy team at Deakin University. Jerome graduated in Materials Science at the National Polytechnic Institute of Physics, Electronics and Materials (INP Phelma) in Grenoble, France. He subsequently obtained his Master’s degree in the field of Nuclear Energy at the CEA institute in France, studying the interactions between uranium powder and the confinement glass matrix.

More recently, Jerome conducted his PhD at the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM), Deakin University, Australia. The title of his PhD thesis is “Impact of Strip-Cast Micro-segregation on Phase Transformations in High-Carbon Steels” and is dedicated to the influence of short-wavelength micro-segregation on the distribution and kinetics of nano-bainite formation during both continuous cooling and isothermal treatments.

Jerome will work on several mineAlloy projects, providing support on the design and thermodynamic modelling of wear resistant alloys.