Heat treatment trial at Keech

Researchers from Deakin University and Keech Castings conducted a heat treatment trial, which involved instrumenting steel blocks and ground engaging tools with thermocouples, and collecting data throughout the heat treatment cycle. The trial provided valuable information to validate Computational Fluid Dynamic models and will help researchers to design new alloy compositions and heat treatments.

Ali joins the research team at Deakin

Alireza Vahid recently joined the mineAlloy centre at Deakin University as research engineer. Alireza graduated in Materials Science and Engineering and was involved in several industrial projects over the subsequent eight years. He received his PhD from IFM-Deakin University in 2016, conducting research on the mechanical properties of biocompatible and biodegradable Mg composite foams.

Alireza has worked for IFM as research fellow since his graduation, particularly on light alloys and rapid alloy development methods. His research experience includes a wide range of manufacturing processes (casting, machining, heat treating), materials characterisation techniques (dilatometry, thermal analysis, X-Ray diffraction and electron microscopy) and mechanical testing methods.