Xin starts master’s at Deakin

Xin Zheng has started his Master of Engineering project with the mineAlloy team at Deakin University. The project will use DEM modelling to develop design principles for titanium carbide inserts embedded in the mantles of cone crushers.

Xin recently completed his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) degree. His thesis was titled “Computational fluid dynamic simulation of drainage cannula in veno-arterial ECMO applications”.

Xin also completed a three-month internship with the mineAlloy team in 2019. During his internship, Xin became familiar with the Rocky DEM software, while conducting fundamental studies of particle-surface impacts and the effect of modelling parameters on the outputs.

Rocky DEM workshop

LEAP Australia and ESSS delivered a workshop on Rocky DEM software to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from the Institute for Frontier Materials and the School of Engineering at Deakin University.

The presenters, Marcus Reis and Leon White, had originally planned to visit Waurn Ponds, but they had to deliver the workshop over ZOOM instead, because of the recent COVID19 travel restrictions.

The workshop covered the capabilities of this DEM software package in a broad context, and the researchers discussed its particular use in wear applications. The presenters also introduced some of the new features included in forthcoming versions of Rocky, expected to be released later in 2020.

PhD students wanted

The mineAlloy team at Deakin University is accepting expressions of interest from PhD candidates to join the mineAlloy training centre and related projects. The research topics gravitate around wear resistant materials, additive manufacturing and repair technologies, as well as advanced modelling and testing techniques.

To find out more, please follow this link and send your CV and any related questions to