2nd mineAlloy workshop on computational thermodynamics and kinetics

mineAlloy hosted the 2nd Workshop on Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics on Tuesday 24th November 2020. The event was attended by more than 50 students and researchers from academia and industry. Dr Richard Ball represented ThermoCalc, who supported this event, and he provided a summary of the recent improvements in the software and the thermodynamic databases. Following this presentation, Dr Tiger Tang from Weir Minerals offered a few examples to illustrate how ThermoCalc is used in a commercial/industrial context. Finally, the workshop on computational thermodynamics and kinetics was delivered by Prof Christopher Hutchinson and Dr Yuxiang Wu from Monash University. The presenters covered a wide range of topics, including: thermodynamic equilibrium calculations and Scheil-Gulliver simulations using ThermoCalc, solidification, homogenisation and microsegregation simulations using DICTRA, as well as complex alloy composition and heat treatment optimisation using the ThermoCalc toolbox for MATLAB.