MIT 2020 Alloy Design Workshop

Prof Christopher Hutchinson, from Monash University, delivered a talk at the 2020 Alloy Design Workshop hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 4th December 2020. The workshop had an impressive line-up, including: Prof Hugo Sandim (University of Sao Paulo), Prof Zhaoping Lu (University of Science and Technology Beijing), Prof Gregory Olson (MIT), Prof John Ă…gren (KTH), Prof Francisca Caballero (Spanish National Research Council), Prof Davesh Misra (University of Texas at El Paso), Prof John Speer (Colorado School of Mines), Prof Cem Tasan (MIT) and Prof Christopher Hutchinson (Monash University).

Prof Hutchinson’s talk, entitled Damage resistant microstructures generated from chemically patterned austenite was very well received by the international audience and led to some rich discussions in the Q&A session that followed. The workshop covered the most recent ideas to push the limits of metastability-engineering towards steels with superior damage resistance, and it was a great opportunity to showcase the excellent work conducted by Monash and mineAlloy researchers.

mineAlloy annual meeting 2020

The mineAlloy training centre held its annual meeting on 24th November 2020 in a rather unusual setting. Given the travel restrictions and the social distancing rules in effect at the time of the meeting, the attendees connected remotely, from their home office or from geographically dispersed meeting rooms, through a videoconferencing platform.

The event offered a cross section of the research activities of mineAlloy students and postdoctoral fellows and it also gave the attendees an opportunity to learn more about the resources and expertise available across the Centre. The meeting finished with a valuable discussion with the industry partners on the challenges and opportunities that became apparent during the year.

Thanks to the organising committee for the effort: Abhishek Jain, Chunkit Sit, Roshan Sasi, Alireza Vahid, Jiangting Wang and Arul Varman.