Destabilization Treatment and Its Influence on Microstructure and Matrix Hardness of High-Cr Cast Iron

mineAlloy researchers and collaborators recently published their work on the influence of destabilization treatment on the microstructure and hardness of High-chromium cast iron (Metall Mater Trans A (2023), 1-14,

This study examines the microstructural evolution during destabilization treatment of a hypoeutectic high-chromium cast iron containing 2.2 wt pct C and 16.5 wt pct Cr. Our research aims to provide much-needed clarity on the carbide formation sequence and its evolution during destabilization treatment of hypoeutectic high-chromium cast iron, with Cr/C ratios ranging from 5.8 to 11 and Cr contents typically in the 16 to 28 wt pct Cr range. Their findings also reveal that the carbon content of the matrix, influenced by the destabilization temperature and eutectic carbide dissolution, plays a pivotal role in determining the martensite start temperature and bulk hardness.