Shuvo joins the mineAlloy team

Dr Subhankar Biswas joined the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) as an Associate Research Fellow in May 2017, and he will be working with Prof Matthew Barnett in the mineAlloy Training Centre. In his new role, Subhankar will undertake research in the area of metallurgy, producing, analysing and interpreting data obtained in relation to the wear of metal components employed in the mining sector. He will also develop new wear testing equipment, and develop sensing techniques to monitor wear.

Subhankar received his PhD degree at The University of Newcastle, Australia, in February 2016, and he has over ten years of multi-disciplinary research experience in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering. Before joining Deakin University, he worked as Research Assistant in the School of Engineering at The University of Newcastle, Australia, where he conducted industry-based research on wear of materials. Previously, Subhankar worked as Consulting Engineer for TUNRA Bulk Solids Australia, on several projects including: impact wear and abrasion testing of commercial wear liners, air-stream erosion and slurry erosion of metals, alloys and rubber liners.

Welcome to the mineAlloy training centre!

Brimacombe Medal for Matt

Congratulations to Prof Matthew Barnett who has been awarded The MInerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) Brimacombe Medal 2017.

Prof Barnett received the award for substantial contributions to the advancement of the science and technology of alloy development and processing of metals and in particular of wrought magnesium alloys.

“To receive an award from TMS is a fantastic honour as the society has been part of my professional life since graduation,” said Prof Barnett.

mineAlloy welcomes first student

Océane Louppe recently obtained a Master’s degree in Materials and Structures for Aeronautics and Space, from the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France). She started her PhD at the Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University, on 27th March 2017.

“The aim of my study within the mineAlloy centre will be to improve wear life of materials by exploring bainitic and conventional steel chemistries to optimize a new wear-resistant steel and develop a new understanding of how the microstructure impacts on wear. I will use additive manufacturing to create combinatorial experimental samples with gradient of composition.

“I am looking forward to discovering the country, making new friends and peers and of course completing my PhD!”