Materials Processing

Induction Furnace

25 kg Coreless induction furnace for melting and casting of ferrous alloys

It has a body constructed of heavy cast refractory (Alumina), with stainless steel reinforcement. The furnace is digitally controlled and signal processing is carried out by fibre-optic connectors. Casting options include chill mould, sand mould or simulated strip casting. Casting process can be carried out under Argon gas atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                              





Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (IND500)

The Ind 500 system offers to melt alloy and cast up to approximately 500 g of steel or the equivalent volume of other metals/alloys using an induction ceramic or graphite crucible. It has the capability to melt alloys up to 1700 °C.









Arc Melting Furnace (ARC200) equipped with alloy powder atomizer

The ARC200 equipment offers to melt alloy and cast up to approximately 200 g of steel or the equivalent volume of other metals/alloys using a clean ceramic free cold crucible system. It has the capability to melt alloys at over 3000 °C, such as titanium alloys, memory alloys and bulk amorphous glass alloys. Melting can be conducted under vacuum or controlled atmospheres. It has also the capability of producing metal powder using powder atomizer system.





Metal additive manufacturing equipment (LENS™ MR-7)

The LENS™ system offers rapid manufacturing, and repair metal components of materials including steels, titanium alloys, and nickel based alloys. It has also can be used for adding protective coatings to a component such as hard-facing to reduce wear.







Rolling Mill Machine


The 200 Tonne rolling mill machine installed next to a standalone furnace is capable of room temperature and hot (up to 1100 °C) rolling. It has equipped with a motor driven aperture adjustment for rolling at a surface speed of 16 m/min.


Roll Diameters 350mm
Roll Face Width 450mm
Max Roll Aperture 110mm
Motor Power 75kW



Quenching & Deformation Dilatometer (DIL 805 A/D)

The equipment is fully automated and self-contained unit for measurement of dimensional changes under extreme conditions of controlled heating and cooling. It offers to study the influence of heat treatment conditions on the final microstructure of steel and other metal alloys. The heat treatment variables include heating and cooling rates, and the isothermal dwelling times. It is also equipped with compression or tension modules.

The phase transformation occurring in the continuous cooling process or in the isothermal dwell, with or without compression/tensile modes, can be drawn by means of continuous-cooling-transformation (CCT) or isothermal time-temperature-transformation (TTT) diagrams.