Meet the researcher: Dr Charline Le Nue

Meet the researcher: Dr Charline Le Nue

August 11, 2022

My research is focused on understanding the relationship between microstructure, properties (hardness, toughness) and wear resistance of materials for mining applications, as well as the development of new alloys and/or modification of currently available grades for mining applications.

Employing various characterisation technics, alloy design principles, and experimentation along with thermodynamic databases allows us to make a significant contribution to the research field and to explore new alloys (High-Cr cast irons, Mn steels and low-density wear-resistant materials).

My research experience includes microstructure characterisation techniques (scanning electron microscopy [SEM], electron backscattered diffraction [EBSD] and X-ray diffraction [XRD]) and thermic analyses techniques (dilatometry, differential scanning calorimetry/differential thermal analysis [DSC/DTA]) and computational Thermodynamic Calculations (using ThermoCalc software).

Observation of heat-treated high-Cr cast iron using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). This reveals distribution and morphology of secondary carbides.