Study With Us

The mineAlloy Training Centre is always looking for new talent and we have a number of postdoctoral positions as well as PhD and MPhil scholarships available. Researchers and students work on projects proposed by our industry partners and under the supervision of senior academics:

Our existing projects include:

  • Next generation of quenched and tempered steels for ground engaging tools.
  • Cast NiHard steel grade development for chute liners.
  • Optimising microstructures for wear resistance.
  • Exploring new hardfacing alloys to optimise carbide fractions.
  • Component design for exploiting additive manufacturing routes.
  • Hadfield steels with hard carbides cast as a slurry.
  • Development of wear resistant material and component design for rock crushing.
  • Is additive manufacturing of a tungsten carbide component possible?
  • New wear testing methodologies.

If you are interested in studying or working with mineAlloy, please contact us