Success story : Dr. Daniel Grasser

Success story : Dr. Daniel Grasser

April 3, 2024


Name: Dr Daniel Grasser

Area of expertise: Discrete Element Modelling (DEM), bulk material handling, and reduction of wear during mining operations

Current affiliation: TUNRA Bulk Solids

Project :  Optimising bulk particle flow of iron ore inside a chute using Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) and experimental calibration.


                   “Getting a PhD at mineAlloy was helpful to prepare me for the next step in my career”


Daniel Grasser’s remarkable journey from mineAlloy to TUNRA Bulk Solids underscores the invaluable role of the mineAlloy ARC Training Centre in shaping his career trajectory and preparing him for success as a consulting engineer in the mining industry.

At mineAlloy, Daniel had the opportunity to apply his expertise in experimental and numerical analysis to real-world challenges, gaining hands-on experience that would prove instrumental in his future endeavours. Through collaborative projects and industry partnerships facilitated by mineAlloy, Daniel honed his skills in engineering design, bulk material handling, and Discrete Element Modelling (DEM), laying a solid foundation for his career in engineering. The practical training and mentorship Daniel received at mineAlloy not only expanded his technical capabilities but also instilled in him a deep understanding of the complexities of the mining industry.

Daniel’s journey from mineAlloy to TUNRA Bulk Solids is a testament to the transformative power of hands-on training and industry-academic collaborations. His experience at mineAlloy not only equipped him with the technical skills and knowledge required for his role but also instilled in him a passion for continuous learning and innovation that continues to drive his success in the engineering and bulk material handling field.