Wear Network


The mineAlloy training centre is committed to establishing a National Wear Testing Network, to facilitate materials selection based on highly calibrated wear tests.

Several facilities across Australia are available via our Wear Network, offering a wide range of equipment for researchers and industry partners to assess the wear behaviour of materials:

  • Scratch (gouge) testing machine.
  • Impeller tumbler wear testing machine.
  • Pin (ball)-on-disc tribometer.
  • Nanoindentation and nanoscratch testing.
  • Dry sand / rubber wheel testing machine.
  • Wet sand / rubber (steel) wheel testing machine.
  • Pin-on-drum abrasive wear testing machine.
  • Cerchar testing machine.
  • Slurry abrasivity test (Miller number).
  • Pin-on-table (high stress abrasion) testing machine.
  • Slurry pot wear testing equipment.
  • Coriolis erosive wear tester.
  • Erosion testing equipment.
  • Impact wear testing machine.
  • Rotary abrasion wear testing machine.

Please contact us if you want to join the Wear Network or access some of our equipment.